Friday, November 5, 2010

Hobohalloweekend: Part 3

by Xani

After the scrumptious meal at Tabla, we slept off our full-ness, packed up our stuff, and headed to our last stop of the weekend, Sunday brunch at Bubby's.

Bubby's is known for fantastic brunch and celebrity sightings-- unfortunately we got the former, but not the latter.  No celebs to be seen, but this sweet pup we met outside was so cute, he should be famous!

There was a brief wait for our table, so we sat on the colorful benches outside and did some people and dog-watching.

Finally, they called our names and in we went!  Bubby's has a great, comfortable, cozy atmosphere, lots of windows and the delicious smells of home-baked goods filling the interior-- no wonder its such a hot brunch spot!

First things first-- had to have coffee.  Three of us opted for the classic cup (which we deemed "fast and bottomless," a good tagline with many hilarious interpretations), but Ann opted for a fancy-pants, ground to order, cup of the finest Honduran coffee.  Apparently they were grinding each bean individually, because it took forever to show up!  But, once it did, I have to say it was a damn fine cup of joe.

In addition to great coffee, Bubby's also has fantastic BISCUITS.  These really hit the spot: buttery, crispy, and flaky, and even better slathered with locally sourced butter and homemade strawberry jam.  I was in brunch heaven!

After getting our carb and caffeine fix, we were ready for the main event.  Ann and I both ordered the the croque monsieur, hers with an egg on top, mine without.  How can you pass on something known as the "Mr. Crunch" and touted as the The Best Ham and Cheese Sandwich Ever (that's how its described on their menu!)??  EP went with her standard, corned beef hash and eggs, and LP went with a special, a chanterelle and shallot scramble.

Shallot and chanterelle scramble and hash browns

Croque Madame (Mrs. Crunch?)
Croque Monsieur (Mr. Crunch)

Corned beef hash hiding under eggs

The Mr. Crunch sandwich-- holy ham!  This sandwich was insane.  I always think of croque monsieur as a delicate, thin little sandwich-- this blew my mind!  Piled high with salty ham, gooey with oozy cheese, all on thick, crunchy bread and served with amazing shoestring fries.  This was a sandwich not soon forgotten (and not easily eaten-- I think I ate half of a half before giving up and waving the white flag).

EP's hash was tasty but not life changing.  It had a nice corned beef flavor but was lacking the signature crunchy texture (and the eggs were undercooked -- why do we like the most difficult style of egg cookery ever (over-medium)??)  LP felt her scramble could have used more seasoning, but proclaimed the home fries top notch.

Amazingly, we left a teeny bit of room for another famous Bubby's dish: pie!  There were many tempting options (including seasonal-inspired creations like salted caramel apple and pumpkin pies), but we opted for the key lime.  It was tangy, sweet, and smooth (all good things) but a little light on crust (a negative, especially for EP, who loves a good crust).  All in all, we were happy we had this little sweet treat as our final bite in NYC!

So that sums up our quick and cozy trip to The Big City!  Of course, we're already looking forward to next time.  We're also looking forward to WINNING THE MOBBIES, which we can't do without your help.  Click HERE to vote for BCD, and we'll love you forever!


Happy voting,


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