Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Bunch of Baltimore Brunches

by EP

I often say that brunch is my least favorite meal of the day, but in truth, I have mixed feelings.  I love brunch because (a) I love morning time, (b) I love coffee, and (c) I love socializing, and at brunch, all three are present. I dislike brunch because I generally am not that into the food selections available.  I know, I know, many people LOVE breakfast foods and kvell over brunch opportunities, but for me, most of the time, I'd rather have a burger.

That said, in recent weeks I've had some excellent brunch experiences around Charm City, and I may just be changing my tune if this streak continues.  It started about two weeks ago when Xani and I joined our buddy Rebecca at Woodberry Kitchen for their Saturday brunch.  We planned to have brunch after hearing about Beckett Hitch, a unique shop-ortunity where several local vendors set up in one of the dining rooms at Woodberry Kitchen (tickets were $10 and included the price of admission, valet parking, and coffee, champagne, and snacks to enjoy while shopping).  

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