Thursday, June 20, 2013

Goodbye Clementine...

by Xani

Even a delinquent food blogger, like myself, knows that you can't just up and switch kitchens without blogging about it.  I've been cooking in this kitchen for almost exactly five years, most of the time this blog as been around!  And man, I have cooked some good stuff!  In fact, my entire approach to cooking and eating has drastically changed over the five years I've cooked there.  No longer cooking for just myself, keeping things a bit healthier and experimenting with baking, bread-making, canning, and other advanced techniques.

I remember when I was first moving in, looking at those curved concrete countertops and wondering if they would be functional, and being super-excited about having a dishwasher!

Little did I know what lie ahead of me in that kitchen: cooking one-handed after my motorcycle crash, having a boyfriend and a little one move in, and adding the always-begging Eddie to our pack.  The years have flown by, and the great parties, amazing meals and fun projects are just memories (forever captured in blog posts) now.  We've got just a few more days left in the house and I'm in constant "Pantry Raid" mode- cobbling together meals with whatever is in the pantry or freezer.  But, I managed a delicious Cast Iron Skillet Chicken the other night, not to mention an inspired pasta dish I named "Fettucine Rockerfeller" (because how else would you use up canned oysters??).  But as we reach the final days, I am, of course, looking forward to cooking in the next kitchen...

Which also happens to be the OLD kitchen!  Anyone remember this place...??


That's right, I'm moving back to the kitchen where I first learned to cook!  The exact spot where I developed my first "special dishes" (black beans, twice-baked potatoes) as a youngster and began my love affair with cooking.  I'm so happy and excited to (almost) be the proud owner of my childhood home.  The kitchen doesn't look quite the same as it used to, thanks to a complete renovation a couple years ago, but it's still big, has tons of counter space, with two sinks, a giant pot-rack, a sunny dining nook, and did I mention it's BIG?

Just think of what I'm going to cook up in there.  I've already got big plans for Sunday Dinners, brunches, theme parties, AND MORE!  All the more reason to stay tuned to BCD, Like our page on FB, follow us on twitter, instagram, Vine, and right here.  Hopefully lots more yummy posts coming soon...

Farewell old kitchen, and new kitchen here I come...!


P.S. I'll leave you with these memories of a kitchen and a home that has served me VERY well...
Little lettuces growing in my little backyard
Celebrating in style at our Mad Men party
Cooking up a storm
My house in Jack-o-lantern format...
Making popcorn with my Man...
Luckily this guy is coming with us- who else would eat all our strawberry tops!?

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