Friday, July 24, 2009

No Reservations in Baltimore

by Xani

Hey Folks-- as EP recently reported, we're both so super-busy with lame stuff like studying and work that we've been neglecting our favorite little corner of the internet (other than texts from last night). But, I'm taking a few minutes away from the grind to let all you Tony Bourdain/No Reservations/Baltimore fans know that your favorite Travel Channel host visited Charm City a few months ago, and the episode is going to air THIS Monday night! Here's a sneak preview:

Can't wait to see what Tony thinks about Bmore these days. Anyone who read Kitchen Confidential knows he didn't think too highly of our fair city when he lived and worked here in the early 80s. Maybe all that Lake Trout changes his mind? Or maybe his time with Snoop (The Wire fans know who I'm talking about) helps him warm up to the place. We'll find out Monday night at 10pm!

After our vaca we'll be back to (semi) regular blogging. Hope everyone is having a great summer!


ps. Tony's a blogger just like us! He'll have a post up about the episode on his blog: Hey tony, can we get a link back??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pardon the Radio Silence

by Erin
Hello readers! Remember us? I wanted to post something really quick to apologize sincerely for our lack of posting recently. We are both unbelievably swamped at the moment (Xani with work - she's a big-wig now!) and me with studying for the bar (5 DAYS!). Once this hellish experience is over, I promise to be a better blogger. The first post upon our return will certainly be about our kick-ass 4th of July Beer and Sausage Party! We had a great time making our own sausages and doing all of the other cooking, plus we got temporary FOODIE TATTOOS to give out as prizes for the beer contest!

Close up of Xani's tattoo

Close-up of my tattoo - "eat fresh, buy local"
We wore our tats proudly when we saw Food, Inc. the next day!

We hope everyone is holding up (especially my fellow bar takers - this is some kind of hazing they've got going on, huh?) and we will be back on the air in no time.
All the best,
EP & X

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