Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Citrus Celebrations

by EP

 photo 46891298-434C-4EA1-B88E-6CAFA5E5A376-384-0000002B0B419162_zps233031b4.jpg

It's winter. Dreariness abounds. We are caught between the sparkly, gluttonous holiday season and the sun-shiny frolick-inducing springtime. The glimmer of hope in this time is the fruit of the "season": citrus. People always give me funny looks when I say grapefruits are in season right now, but it's true! In the US, citrus from Florida or California is as "local" as it's gonna get in February. And lucky for us, we LOVE citrus. Grapefruit is so hot right now, and its French name (pamplemousse) is possibly the most fun word to say - ever.

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