Sunday, September 30, 2012

Strip Club or Restaurant? Restaurant, thankfully.

by EP

My new apartment in Silver Spring has a balcony that faces east.  I can watch the sun rise, I can watch traffic on Georgia Avenue and the metro ride past, and in the immediate foreground, there are two buildings: a Vietnamese restaurant and a building with a pink heart-shaped sign that says "Jackie's."  When my parents came to visit two days after I moved in, my Dad asked me what Jackie's was and since I had no clue, I gave him my best guess: strip club.  The outside of the building is dark and decrepit, the sign is sickly sweet with a green background, pink puffy writing, and multi-colored hearts, and it's named Jackie's - what more evidence need I present?

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A few days later, my friend Jamie mentioned a place called Jackie's in Silver Spring as a great restaurant not to miss.  Hmmm, could this be the strip club across the street?  Apparently, yes.  Last weekend, my friend Marissa and I checked out the bar next door to Jackie's (and owned by the same people) called Sidebar.

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