Thursday, October 2, 2014

BCD Eats on Instagram: Mujadarra from Cook's Illustrated

by EP

This week I attempted a Cook's Illustrated recipe for Mujadarra, a Middle Eastern rice and lentils recipe with crispy fried onions on top and a garlicky yogurt sauce on the side.

As usual, the ATK method was a bit cumbersome but successful. The onions specifically had a funny method but it worked great: peel, halve, and slice onions into 1/4-in pieces; toss with 2 tsp salt; microwave for 5 min; rinse onions and dry them well. ATK recommended a salad spinner for the drying process and it worked great! Then fry the onions over high heat in vegetable oil all at once - no batches necessary. It took about 20 min for them to get really dark and chewy/crispy:

A great vegetarian meal that I'll definitely be making again. Though, as with many recipes, I get the sense that mujadarra is different in every household, so I may try another version next time. One commenter recommended that I use dates - I have a feeling that would be so good with the savory onions and rice/lentils!

Happy nom-ing!

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