Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moblog from Corpus Christi, TX

by Xani

Hey, remember me? Well, I'm back on the road for work and my first stop is Corpus Christi, TX. Actually, the following pictures come from Portland, TX, which is just north of Corpus. Being in TX, the things to eat are Mexican food, steak, and of course, BBQ. I just got back from a killer lunch at a local joint called Mac's. This is the two meat plate (I got beef brisket and pork ribs).

In this picture I tried to capture the "pink ring" inside the brisket that is apparently the sign of properly smoked meat.

It turned out to be a picture mostly of pickles. Sorry about that. I was trying to be subtle while taking the picture (with my phone) to avoid arising the suspicions of my dining companions...

Another note on Corpus Christi- there were kolaches for breakfast! Just like I had in Lake Charles, LA! I was very excited. These were more like a giant pig in a blanket and the locals were referring to them as "piggies."

So, that's the news from the road! Stay tuned for more great eats from Texas and coming soon, Los Angeles!



  1. Mmmm piggies. Glad to hear you're eating well in the Lone Star State! Can't wait to hear about all your culinary adventures in LA!

  2. why the secrecy? Did they not know of your hobby?

  3. I can understand the need for secrecy, especially with work folks. There are a lot of people (I've found) that do not react well to your whipping out your phone/camera and taking pictures of your food.

  4. Hi Xani and Erin,

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