Friday, June 15, 2007

A Donut by Another Name

by Xani

Lake Charles has had some surprisingly good eats. Great donuts yesterday morning, great steak last night (post coming soon!), and this morning, something I had never had before: Kolaches.

Essentially this is a savory donut stuffed with various fillings. Our gracious hosts at The Calcasieu Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness had a whole bunch of there set out for today's breakfast. I had never even heard of them before! They had various fillings: Sausage and Cheese, Ham and Cheese, and one that someone told me might have been sausage and jalapeno. The jalapeno one sounded interesting, but at 8 am, something told me it wasn't the best idea. I went for the sausage and cheese kolache.

Very tasty. The fried dough exterior was soft and not too greasy. The sausage inside was very flavorful and the cheese was warm and melty. Just right with a hot cup of joe.

I never thought this trip would introduce me to a whole new kind of donut! Thanks Lake Charles!!


P.S. Sorry for the mediocre phone pics-- I have to make do when I am on the road...


  1. jeez, this post made me hungry!!

  2. You are the only other person I know of who has been to Lake Charles from Baltimore. I moved down there to work at the new casino in the pastry shop. Lived there for a year and never had one of those. Pity.


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