Friday, January 18, 2008

Texas Size Burgers?

Texas Size Burgers?

by Xani

My final night in Corpus Christi a few of us headed out to Wallbanger's, which some locals believe has the best burgers in town. It was mentioned on a Chowhound string titled "Best Burgers in Texas" and also reviewed by the Texas Burger Guy. So, having already sampled the steaks, Mexican Food, and BBQ, it was time to check out the burgers!

Wallbanger's has a Fuddrucker's-style setup: you order at the counter, wait for them to call your number, then accessorize your burger with toppings from a burger bar. I was all set to order a 1/3 LB burger, medium-rare, with cheese, when something else on the menu caught my eye: mini-burgers. Anyone who reads this blog, or has spent more than 15 minutes with me, knows I adore tiny things, especially mini-burgers, or sliders, as they are often called (is this a mid-atlantic or regional thing?). I had to have them!

Shortly after ordering (well, not that shortly, it took a lot longer than we expected, as we sat sipping beer and watching American Idol-- on mute!) they called out my name and my little baby burgers were ready. Not one burger, medium-rare, with cheese, but FOUR!

Burger Babies!

OK, well they weren't quite medium-rare. I think the trade-off for having such cute little burgers, on their crunchy, buttered little buns, is that they are hard to cook to the proper done-ness, and are often a little over-cooked. But even so, they were juicy and flavorful, and having four of them to play with, I was able to use various combinations of toppings: mustard and onion, ketchup mustard and onion, mustard and jalapenos, etc. Good times!

Big ol' Burger!

The guys I were with all had regular (non-mini) burgers, including one guy who got the one pound burger! The fries and rings that came alongside were damn good, and the shake that one of my coworkers ordered was reportedly great (I REALLY wanted one, but was way too full. Luckily I got a chocolate malt at Dairy Queen the next day on our drive from Corpus back to San Antonio. Mmmmm... malts.)

Well, I can't say for sure if Wallbanger's has the best burgers (mini or otherwise) in Texas. Texas is BIG and I've only scratched the surface... no time now though, I'm off to LaLa Land!


P.S. Here's a gratuitous shot of the view from my hotel room in Corpus (the Bay of Corpus, I believe?)

Can't beat that view for $83 a night!


  1. Mmmm hamburger babies with buttered buns! And you know how I love condiments and all the yummy combinations. Sounds delicious!

  2. I admit I now have a craving for a burger. and I don't like meat.

  3. So Cute! How do you get to go to so many beautiful and WARM locations you lucky thing?

  4. The well prepared burger is a testament to how an essentially simple food can be a height of culinary enjoyment.

    That was a nice view!


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