Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Five Reasons to Visit Tangier's

by Xani

Recently Erin and I were invited to complimentary press dinner at Tangiers, a new French-Moroccan inspired restaurant in Canton. In our excitement to try this new spot, we BOTH forgot our cameras! So, please forgive the even-worse-than-usual photography, as we had to take pictures on Erin's Blackberry!

#5: Cuisine. Where else in Baltimore can you get Moroccan food? Not Mediterranean, not Greek, but Moroccan? NOWHERE, as far as I know. The chef was born in Casablanca and his grandmother, who provided many of the recipes, was born in Tangier.

#4:Great Atmosphere. This large, well-appointed space makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in. There is a large bar and a spacious dining room, with comfortable, cozy tables and flattering lighting (even better if you remembered to bring your real camera!). There are also a number of outdoor tables under big umbrellas, for those days when its UNDER 100 degrees.


When it's OVER 100 degrees, like this week, stay in the air-conditioned bar and enjoy a glass of Tangier's tasty red or white sangria. The white was sweet and refreshing, the red (Erin's fave) was more traditional but with a nice, fruity kick!

#2:Briouates Cigars.

By far our favorite savory dish of the evening, these crispy rolls stuffed with flavorful, spicy ground beef were unlike anything I've tasted in recent memory. They came out hot and fresh, and had perfect crunch and spice. Get two orders!

#1: Dessert and Tea.

Absolutely the high point of the meal, the gorgeous tea service and adorable plate of mini-desserts was the perfect end to the meal. We were blown away by the assortment of unusual pastries, candies, and fried treats that arrived after dinner. Even stuffed from our meal of chicken tagine, those tasty Cigars, a couscous special, and a number of other dishes, we couldn't help but dig into this pretty plate. In fact, we would highly recommend you drop into Tangier's for a little dessert and tea al fresco once this heat wave moves along. Hopefully sooner than later!

Keep cool folks,



  1. Complimentary press dinner? Damn, you've got the hookups. I guess I haven't earned quite enough street cred to be invited... Boo.

    Those are some nice pictures for a Blackberry.

    All I have to say is Mmmmm, Sangria.

  2. Definitely adding this to the list of must go places. The tea glasses remind me of the ones we were given to drink out of in Turkey while we shopped. It was a yummy fruit tea and I've raved about it to others!


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