Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What? We don't have Style?

Baltimore Style Magazine just published this on their website-- a list of 15 Baltimore Food Bloggers. Noticeably absent: Black Coffee and a Donut! What up with that?! Nice to see some familiar bloggers listed, however.

Oh well, hopefully next time we won't get SNUBBED! This made us cry in our coffee....

X & E

P.S. Maybe next time a delicious bribe is in order...?


  1. That makes me are by far the best food have the best pictures and you keep it interesting. Can you be famous now please?
    - Hayley

  2. Utter bullshit! If the other blogs listed were that good I'd read them, but they're not. Keep up the good work!

  3. Seriously, right? The judges must be blind! And crazy!

  4. Hey there, sorry to see you weren't listed. But don't take it personally - there are a lot of food blogs in Baltimore, so they're bound to miss a few. In fact, that's what happened - it wasn't a contest; they just didn't know about all the blogs. (I was stupid, by the way - they actually did contact me, but I was lazy and got back to 'em too late. Yep, I'm a dumbass). Not dogging the other blogs; IMHO many of them are damn good. But yours is also good! Y'all will get in next time.


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