Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fresh Mozzarella Two Ways

by Xani

I picked up a ball of fresh mozzarella the other day at Wegmans. It was calling out to me from the cheese case. I just couldn't resist.

Dish #1: I turned about half of it into a lovely tomato, mozzarella and parsley salad. Pretty basic, but isn't this one of the joys of cooking and eating-- a few fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepared simply? I think so.

Dish # 2: A few more slices of the mozzarella ended up, slightly melted, on top of crusty french baguette. As if that weren't delicious as is, I went one step further and topped it with a couple perfectly crisp slices of bacon. This was a beautiful creation, don't you agree? It tasted even better, and paired just right with a simple salad--a perfect weekend lunch.

Next time I pick up mozzarella at the store, what else should I make with it?


P.S. I'm already thinking white pizza with bacon would be pretty fan-effing-tastic!


  1. And I've just been wondering what to do with all this mozzerella cheese I bought....good timing Xan!

  2. Um, cheese, bread, and bacon, all melted together? Can you please make this for me tonight? ;)


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