Monday, July 9, 2007

Not Quite Food? Heather and Dan's Wedding Weekend

by Xani

I was so lucky to spend the weekend at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Resort for the wedding of a close friend. The weekend involved much eating, drinking, and general merriment! I didn't take that many pictures (they had a professional photographer for most of the weekend, not to mention lots and lots of other folks snapping pics) but the few I did take I wanted to post here. Between the rehearsal dinner, the catered lunch at the salon (where I was playing makeup artist for the Bride and bridesmaids), the fabulous cocktail hour after the ceremony and then the stationed dinner reception (four words: Mashed Potato Martini Bar!?!), AND a lovely brunch the morning after, I may never eat again.

OK, who am I kidding. I'm on my way to Philadelphia and I see cheese steaks in my future!!

Enjoy the photo album everyone!


P.S. Any other wedding guests who want to send along their pictures, please do! Especially any of the post-wedding pool jump!


  1. Seems like so many people got married this past weekend. Not me! For various reasons.

  2. Looks like quite a spread! Those are my favorite kind of weddings to attend...

  3. I can't even remember the last time it was warm enough here to be dressed as you are in those pics. Cute dress, BTW!

  4. I want to see more pictures too! - BS


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