Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who eats French food on Independence Day?!

By Erin

To celebrate the Fourth of July (and the day off!), Xani and I decided to have lunch together. I suggested that we go to Bonaparte, a French bakery in Fells Point (which has another store near Mom and Dad's, where we got our bread for Father's Day), which has great food, beautiful pastries, and is located right on the water.

Now, I know eating French food on Independence Day seems communist or whatever, but we don't hate freedom! We just love pastries! Cut us some slack!

Anyway, Bonaparte is lovely on the inside, with ornate decorations and a beautiful display case of treats. There is also a bust of Napoleon, which we could NOT resist posing with.

We each got the lunch special, which included a sandwich (hot or cold) or a piece of quiche, a small salad, potato chips, a drink, and a dessert from the case. It was a bit expensive ($13 each) but it was delicious and quite a bit of food.

Xani got the brie sandwich, and I got the spinach quiche. The brie sandwich was served cold, on crusty baguette, with some greens and vinaigrette. The quiche was served warm, with delicious eggs and well-seasoned spinach, and the crust was puff pastry - what could be bad?? The salads were standard, as were the chips.

For our desserts, Xani got the cherry tart, and I got the blueberry tart. Both were delicious - sweet, delicate, and freshly-made - the cherry one was especially good.

The bonus at the end of the meal was the cutest dog ever (uh, excluding Gellie, of course...)! He was a tiny Pomeranian named Brazen and we just about died at his cuteness!

Hope everyone's Independence Day celebrations were fun and delicious, and yay for freedom!

Happy eating,



  1. Actually it was most appropriate to eat French on Independence Day since it was the France accepting us as an ally and their direct military assistance particularly naval that led to success in the Revolutionary War.

  2. what lovely pies! SIGH...evil combi-oven life is pieless, alas.

  3. Yumm. Is that a BLONDE Xani I see? (and burnt?) Or is that the magical french lighting?

  4. A little blonde, a little tan (ok, burnt)... hey, its summer!!

  5. Ooh, good point, Dad.

    I notice you didn't select the "freedom fries" to go with your quiche! ;)

  6. I take offense to the cutest dog ever comment...
    - Biggie

  7. this is horrible torture the dog why dont you


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