Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Sandwich Named Guiseppe

by Erin

Today while I was sitting at home, trying to muster up some attention span to work on my petition (for you non-lawyers/law students, it's basically a long paper that is due even though finals are over), I decided I would take a lunch break by going to a tiny Italian deli a few blocks away in downtown Federal Hill. Xani and I had tried to go there this weekend for lunch, but it was closed, OF COURSE (our eternal struggle to find somewhere for brunch/lunch in Federal Hill is another story - we'll get to that in due time). So, I figured they should be open in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, right? Right!

The place is called Trattoria Annamaria. I couldn't get a pic of their storefront but I picked up their menu as I always do:

Xani and I had seen a sandwich on their menu posted out front called "The Real Guiseppe" and it sounded great: prosciutto, soppressata, dry capicola, prosciuttini, provolone, oil & vinegar, etc. I was determined to meet this Guiseppe.

And here he is:

Guiseppe was good - he was tasty and I saw the guy slice the meats and put them on my sandwich - very fresh. However, the bread was a little soggy, there weren't enough hots, and there was so much meat that I could barely bite through it! Imagine trying to bite through two inches of deli meats - not easy on the ol' chompers.

But, I would go back and give them another shot and try their Italian coldcut sandwich - maybe it'll be better. Also, they are a grocery store too, so maybe I would go back to buy delicious italian goods (and they had cookies there!).

Happy eating,

ps. Sorry my food photography is terrible - it's a combination of a complete lack of talent on my end and a pretty old digital camera. Maybe I'll get a new one (or at least get some more skillz).

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  1. ugh - I hate sandwiches with thicker meat than bread. Oh wait, I hate meat in general..


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