Thursday, May 17, 2007

For Goodness Sake, its our Namesake!

by Xani

Black coffee and a donut--- ooooh HELLS yeah! We didn't pick that name by accident. I LOVE coffee. I love it so much, I kindof don't understand when people don't like it. I get in a lot of conversations like this:

Me: (incredulous) What do mean you don't drink coffee?

Them: I just don't like it.

Me: (getting angry) So you don't drink it EVER?

Them: No.

Me: I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

I'm also implementing a "No Dating Men Who Don't Drink Coffee" Rule, effective immediately. If he can't understand and share my obsession, its never gonna work between us (look for similar Rules appearing in posts about pork, sushi, and doneness of meat, coming soon!).

Um, anyway, I think I got off track there for a minute. Love coffee, morning, noon, and night; also love donuts. So, after a minor "incident" at Starbucks this morning ("Thank you, ultra-hip barista, for this delicious coffee, now I would like to pay with my Starbuck's car... I mean, will you accept this Marriott keycard to a hotel room in Denver which I stayed in a month ago as payment? No? But its all I have!!" <hanging my head in shame>) which left me without my morning coffee, I decided to make up for it this afternoon with a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts. Sure, its a block further than The Buck, but its totally worth it for 2 reasons:

1. Spares me the shame of going back into Starbucks only hours after embarrassing myself there;

2. This:

Toasted Coconut Donut. O.M.G. I don't know what my life was like before I found this. I think they put crack in the coating. Its amazing. Highly recommended. Totally worth the trip, risking life and limb to walk through West Baltimore (ok, not really-- its the "revitalized" section), and $2.25. Just the pick-me-up I needed today.

So I had to post about today's afternoon snack, as it is what this blog is all about. Literally.



  1. I also don't date men who won't drink coffee, and I put tremendous pressure on my wife to drink lots of coffee throughout her pregnancies... But, the real question is what to make of aromatic flavored coffee? What of people who "drink" "coffee", but only when the perfume taste hides the true coffee flavor? Are they really coffee drinkers? I say not. Only mild (not overpowering) natural (not chemical) aromatic oils on the roasting beans is acceptable!!!

  2. Wow. Xani, you have put into words what I have never really voiced. OF COURSE I drink my coffee black so I can have a sweet somethin' with. That and milk/sugar - why? If I want milk and sugar, I'll eat icecream.

    On a separate note, I'm so glad to see you guys have started a blog!! And about food, my favorite topic. And I see you guys like all the yummy things I (cruel fate!) cannot digest, so doubly awesome because now I can vicariously enjoy them through you.

  3. I may have to go get a donut there some sort of "Friday" exception? Like donuts have no calories on Fridays...yup - that is it...

    -Hayley, queen of the "exceptions to the rules"

  4. yay! welcome to the blogosphere. I can't wait to read about all your tasty adventures....

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  6. uummmmm, I don't drink coffee because I heard it stunts your growth. But I will throw down on your coffee cake or coffee ice cream. Weird huh?

    Where is the luv for chocolate donuts or double chocolate dounuts.


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