Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Hunt for White Anchovies

by EP

Okay, so, this is awkward.  It's been a long while since we posted.  The good news is, we haven't posted because we are busy having fun with new hobbies; the bad news is, we haven't posted and now one too many people have asked me, "hey, what's up with the blog."  Hrmph.  But today's a new day, right?  And today, I had some great pizza.

This afternoon I met up with the BCD parents, who were in town to watch the lovably awful Terps in one of their last home games of the season.  We enjoyed a late lunch at Scittino's, a family-owned pizza place and Italian market in Catonsville.  I have fond memories of Scittino's, since my parents met me there for some celebratory pizza shortly after I found out I passed the bar exam (still feels good to say that).

Not only does Scittino's have great pizza (more on that below), they also have an extensive catering menu, house-made desserts and cookies, a full deli with great meats and cheeses, sausages, beef cuts, not to mention an adorable Italian market with imported olive oils, coffee, house-made pastas and sauces, breads, pizza dough, canned and fresh fish, etc. etc. etc.

Today we tried a couple different types of pizza: white, pepperoni and mushroom, and sausage and onion.  We ordered extra with plans to take some home for leftovers.  Let's just say there were leftovers...but not that much.  It was so. good.  So good, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures!  As a consolation, here's a picture of the leftovers:

The pizza has a thin crust, but not too crackery, like some Sicilian pizza.  It was greasy (in a good way) and very cheesy.  The white pizza, BCD Mom's favorite, was garlicky and topped with ricotta.  The sausage and onion pizza had a good ratio of toppings, and they used red onion - a nice touch since it's sweeter and not so onion-y.

After we caught up and enjoyed our pies, we took a look around the marketplace.

Lots of De Cecco pasta.  According to Ina Garten, it's the best!

Radiatori: little radiators :)

The last time we visited, we discovered that among their goodies in the market area, they have white anchovies.  We have been obsessed with these since visiting Iggies Pizza, who serves them on their Caesar salad.  They're vinegary and mildly fishy, and great on salads or on their own, if you're into that (I'm looking at you hobos).

Not only do they have white anchovies;
they also have marinated mussels, baby octopus, and baby squid!

We bought a few packages of the anchovies, plus some sausages, pizza shells, and other random treats.  We resisted the cookies, both Italian and Baltimore-style (they had both Berger cookies AND Otterbeins).

Evil temptress...

Now that I have the anchovies, I feel the need to make some of Mom's famous Caesar salad...someone get me some garlic.



  1. LOVE.......that's one of Catonsville's gems!! Everything is so good there!!!

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  3. mmmm, how cruel to remind me of the pizza in Sicily!


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