Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pardon the Radio Silence

by Erin
Hello readers! Remember us? I wanted to post something really quick to apologize sincerely for our lack of posting recently. We are both unbelievably swamped at the moment (Xani with work - she's a big-wig now!) and me with studying for the bar (5 DAYS!). Once this hellish experience is over, I promise to be a better blogger. The first post upon our return will certainly be about our kick-ass 4th of July Beer and Sausage Party! We had a great time making our own sausages and doing all of the other cooking, plus we got temporary FOODIE TATTOOS to give out as prizes for the beer contest!

Close up of Xani's tattoo

Close-up of my tattoo - "eat fresh, buy local"
We wore our tats proudly when we saw Food, Inc. the next day!

We hope everyone is holding up (especially my fellow bar takers - this is some kind of hazing they've got going on, huh?) and we will be back on the air in no time.
All the best,
EP & X


  1. Best of luck on your exam. I know you will ace it!

  2. Nice TAT's Xani! Where'd you get them?

  3. Pretty sure we got them from, neat site with all kinds of cute and funny little gifts, etc. We still have all kinds of leftover tats... perhaps i should wear one prominently on my neck at my next big meeting at work!


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