Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heart Attack on a Plate

by Erin

We're baaaaaack! I am done with the bar(!!) and now am hoping to blog more regularly. I know our fans are dying without our witty food commentary and trademark crappy photos, so here's your first dose after a long stint without it. I know I said I'd be blogging about our awesome 4th of July party last month, but I just HAD to tell you guys about the meal we had tonight.

Xani and I met up for dinner tonight and went to Mother's Federal Hill Grille, a local restaurant in our 'hood. We chose Mother's because we had heard about a certain burger called "Heart Attack on a Plate." I discovered this burger a few weeks ago and told Xani we HAD to go have it so it could be featured on one of our favorite food blogs: This is Why You're Fat. Turns out we're not the only ones who found this burger intriguing: the Today Show featured it recently! (See video of the chef making it with Matt Lauer on the Mother's home page.)

So let's get to the deets: the menu describes this burger as an "8 oz. beer battered burger stuffed with cheddar cheese, then deep fried. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and chipotle mayonnaise." Sign me up, and get me a defibrilator while you're at it.

The verdict? It was really good! It was crispy and crunchy, the burger was cooked to medium and had lots of gooey melted cheese in the middle. The whole thing was dripping hot burger grease on your hand which made you want to put the burger down but you couldn't because if you set it down, the whole thing would fall apart. It was a battle but we made it through.

By the way, we split this burger and we were both stuffed by the end of it. It was a great, ridiculous dish and we highly recommend it.

More blogging, comin' right up!

Happy crazy burger eating -

ps. This crazy man ate TWO of these burgers and captured the whole thing on YouTube. He's no Adam Richman, adorable host of Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" and hopefully my future husband, but I give him props for keeping it down.


  1. I'll eat two of those burgers if you're daring me to!

  2. Hey Ladies...
    No blog about your trip to Bluegrass Kitchen in Charleston WV? This burger looks deelicious. You need to get in touch with my foodie friend Dan who has just moved to Annapolis.
    PS- step off Adam Richman Man vs Food...he's mine! :)


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