Monday, February 2, 2009

BCD in NYC Holiday Special: A little dessert...

by Erin

There was one little treat we had in NYC over the holidays that could not go unmentioned: PIE! Lauren's boyfriend John is from Jersey (I know, I know...he's actually pretty cool though) and while we were in NYC, he brought some amazing pie across state lines so we could try it! The pies were from a place called Mr. Tod's Pie Factory and John brought us a lovely assortment of flavors and sizes. Mr. Tod makes regular, 10" pies and then 4" mini-pies! You know Xani went ga-ga for the minis...

Flavors included: apple (the most popular flavor by far - John told us he witnessed a fist fight over the last ones during Thanksgiving [insert Jersey comment here]), pecan, chocolate pecan, pumpkin, lemon chess, and buttermilk coconut.

Apple - it's worth getting punched in the face for


John brought us the pies on our last night in the City, so we brought all of them home (we were too full after our awesome meal at Otto). Xani brought the apple to a work holiday party the day we arrived, and it was a hit! I stole minis of the pecan and sweet potato to enjoy myself, and they were amazing!! I'm going to go ahead and say that the pecan was the best pecan pie of my life. Sweet (but not cloyingly so), nutty, and rich, with a contrast in textures from the custard, the nuts, and the crust. YUM!

We enjoyed the rest of the minis when the BCD parents came to Baltimore for Christmas Eve Eve dinner, and if I recall correctly, the coconut was the big winner.

Just wanted to give you all a wee bit more of our NYC holiday adventures. We are actually going BACK to the Big Apple this weekend to celebrate Xani's birthday! Lots of eating planned (as usual) and hopefully we'll be better about posting more quickly, so we can actually remember stuff about what we ate ;)

Also, stay tuned for our Vegas Eats from last weekend!

E & X


  1. What can I say, I love tiny things!

  2. As a business owner you always want feedback from your customers...this is off the charts..thank you so much and say "hello" the next time you visit. - Mr. Tod

  3. You need to try Mr. Tod's carrot cake muffins too. The icing is so good that most people end up licking the to-go container.

  4. Yum! A shame it's in Jersey ;)

    Your post about Otto has convinced me that I need to go there, so the plan is to hit it on 2/19 when I'm in NY for Fashion Week.

    Thanks for the foodie jewelry link! So tiny and cute! And...will we get New Orleans eating posts soon, Erin?

  5. Minx - glad you're going to Otto! It'll be amazing I'm sure. As for my NOLA eats, I posted it last week, called "Bayou Eats 2009". I didn't get to eat that much in NOLA since I was only there for a day or so, but it was still fun!


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