Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Wednesday Night Tradition?

by Xani

Man, we are really working our way through the list these days! Last week I was able to have dinner with a friend over at The Kitchen at Peter's Inn, in Fells Point. I've been meaning to get there forever but it just never happened until last Wednesday, which also happens to be their half-priced wine night! Hooray!

After a couple of frosty cocktails at the bar (frosty is key in these days of 90+ temperatures, humidity and daily thunderstorms, especially when your house that you JUST BOUGHT has non-functioning air conditioning!!) we snagged a table in the tiny dining room, which was filling up fast. The waiter brought over a whole carafe of ice water with a chunk of watermelon floating in it-- lovely! (Little known fact: in addition to cold alcoholic drinks, water can be refreshing on a hot day, as well. Who knew?)

That's watermelon in there...

Peter's changes its menus weekly and posts that week's offerings on its website, so we arrived with an dining plan in mind. Roasted beets and chickpea fritters plus an order of garlic bread to start, then for the mains, shrimp with cheesy grits and the duck leg confit, served over black lentils, with an adorable fried quail egg perched on top!

Beets and Chickpea fritters

Garlicky goodness

The starters were excellent: slightly sweet, earthy, cold beets paired with crispy fried falafels and a tangy yogurt sauce (well, pretty sure it was yogurt, but we definitely had a short discussion over whether it had a slight mayonnaise taste? sour cream? maybe it was greek yogurt? Screw it, let's drink some more wine.) The garlic bread was, as promised, off the chain. And this is coming from a garlic bread snob. It was really garlicky, buttery and crunchy. It didn't quite beat BCD Dad's version, but I'm pretty sure he puts crack in his.

Duck Leg Confit and the WORST picture I have ever taken.

Did I mention its dark at Peter's? Good for atmosphere, not so much for photography

Where's the head?

The mains were also quite tasty. The duck leg confit had really great, crispy duck skin, although the meat itself was slightly dry. The lentils were very good, and the fried quail egg was a nice touch-- I wanted to save it until the end, it was that cute! The shrimp and grits was the real winner though-- perfectly cooked LARGE shrimps over reeeeaaalllly cheesy grits with excellent texture. If I had to change one thing I would ask for them to leave the shrimp heads ON! Seriously people, shrimp heads are delicious. I think I'm going to start a whole shrimp head movement, and be recognized for the genius I am.

For dessert we enjoyed.... more cocktails. Hey, it's HOT out! It was a lively scene at Peter's, even though it was getting late, so after lingering for a while we finally gave up our table and headed out into the night. Now I've gotten into the habit of checking the menu online to see what tasty offerings are available... this week's trio of tartares (1. beef tartare 2.beet and jicama tartare 3.tuna tartare) is calling my name-- and whaddya know, it's Wednesday again!



  1. Hey, that place is on my list too! Glad to have the review. (And have you shared BCD Dad's garlic bread recipe here? Sounds like wonderful stuff.)

  2. a shrimp head movement is just what this world needs.

  3. Sweet!!! That's my belly serving as the backdrop for the garlic bread shot!!! I am a BCD star


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