Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Breakfast: red, white and Blue Moon Cafe!

by Xani

You know how sometimes, you get, like, a sign that you should go to a certain place? Like an unseen hand is guiding you there? [Cue the sound of crickets chirping] Ok, maybe it's just me. But a few weeks ago EP and I found ourselves in Fell's Point in the early morning. We had just visited the new Harbor East Farmer's Market (and were surprised how small it was-- guess we're used to the big shindig under 83 on Sundays) and I had a yucky summer cold and I wanted some delicious breakfast to take my mind off of how miserable I felt. As we wandered down Broadway in search of of an open place to get breakfast (it was EARLY!) a thought came to my mind: Blue Moon Cafe!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Blue Moon, it is thought to be one of the best breakfast spots in Baltimore. It's notorious for its over-the-top breakfast dishes and the loooong waits, especially on weekend mornings. So, of course when we walked in, early on that Saturday, there was a wait. About thirty minutes, they said. So we waited. And waited. In the heat. Sweating. Thirty minutes came and went and still we waited. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer. I was sick! I needed sustenance! So we bailed on Blue Moon and had a mediocre breakfast elsewhere. We vowed to come back to Blue moon some other time...

Then, the very next day, I was innocently flipping channels, and landed on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network. And where was that loveable spiky-haired host?? BLUE MOON CAFE IN BALTIMORE. And all the patrons are happily eating their delicious breakfasts, mugging for the camera and saying "This is the best breakfast in Baltimore!" Mocking me. And it was right then that I felt the universe pointing me back to Blue Moon, guiding me, telling me "You will get breakfast there, and you will do so on the Fourth of July!"

And so we did. We gathered a few friends (not too many-- Blue Moon is small and our six person party was about the biggest they could handle) and arrived at Blue Moon at 8:30am on the Fourth. And yes, there was a wait. After about 45 minutes we were finally seated and all felt right with the world!!

Straight away our waitress came over and took our drink orders ("need coffee--STAT!") and asked if we would like to start off with a cinnamon roll. Matt (one of our dining companions) answered with a definitive "YES" before any of us had time to think about it. This was possibly one of the best decisions ever made-- the cinnamon bun was out of this world. And I don't even like cinnamon buns! It was served really warm, with melt-y drippy, creamy frosting all over it. The bun was really tender and soft, with rich, sticky cinnamon swirls. It was sooo sweet, perfect with coffee after that long wait outside.

Then, we ordered our real breakfast-- in addition to their regular breakfast menu, they have a board with all their specials:

On this fateful day, the board listed two of the specials I had seen features on Food Network: The Cap'n Crunch French Toast and "Guido's Savory Meat Roll" which is sausage, pesto and cheese all rolled up in biscuit dough, sliced and baked, then topped with sauteed onions and peppers, and served with two eggs any style. Our dining companions ordered a variety of omelettes and scrambles, and creamed chipped beef on toast. When all the breakfasts came out I finally felt complete-- especially when my french toast arrived with a festive sparkler!!

Happy Birthday America! Love, Cap'n Crunch

Creamed Chipped Beef

Omelette of the Day

There's a meal roll somewhere in there...

What a great breakfast! The meat roll was so delicious-- all those great flavors wrapped up in fluffy, buttery biscuit dough! Matt's creamed chipped beef was a heart attack on a plate, but in a good way, and all the omelette's came with Blue Moon's legendary hash brown potatoes (which are, as EP would say, the bomb.com) and biscuits with homemade jam. I was slightly disappointed with the Cap'n Crunch french toast; it wasn't as crunchy as I had hoped, and I've tasted a better version at the Cottage Cafe down the ocean, hon. But I finally got my fun, funky, FILLING breakfast that was my destiny.

We polished off as much of the food as we could, and lingered over coffee for a few minutes before clearing out to make room for the looong line of hungry, hot patrons waiting outside (suckers!). It was a great way to start off the holiday, and thanks to all my friends for getting up early on their day off to wait in line for breakfast! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!



  1. Okay, I just drooled a little looking at the picture of that cinnamon roll... ;)

  2. What a great breakfast! And I don't even LIKE breakfast. I think the meatroll changed my mind, though. And the cinnamon roll? Fantastic, but beware: you may go into a diabetic coma. It's very sweet!! Yay Blue Moon!

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  5. We are going here when I'm home over Thanksgiving. Its a must. I loved that I didnt have to read the whole blog to know who ordered the cream chipped beef.

  6. I have been going here for 12 years. Still my favorite breakfast anywhere! Don't forget to check out the dollar day-old cinnamon rolls next time. Heated in the microwave, they're just as yummy!

  7. I love that they stuck a little flag in every dish for the holiday.

  8. OMG! I have been going faithfully to Blue Moon for years now too! I cannot believe they put a sparkler in the dish! thats awesome!!

  9. Julie and I always go to breakfast after the market on sundays. we will have to try Blue Moon!


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