Sunday, March 9, 2008

BCD Presents... Top Chef Fantasy Game!

by Xani

Hey everyone! In case you didn't know from our previous posts, we are HUGE fans of Bravo's Top Chef. This season (season 4, in Chicago) is starting up in just a few days (season premiere Wednesday, March 12). In order to make this season a little more... interesting, EP and I have decided to sign up for the Top Chef Fantasy Game! Each week, each of us will choose three chefs for our team, and gain or lose points according to Fafarazzi's scoring system (actual rules not posted yet but based on the rules for the Project Runway Fantasy game, which of course we were obsessed with, there will be points given or taken away for things like: winning challenges, using catch phrases, cursing, crying, etc). Then, on Thursdays, we'll post our recaps of the show, our score breakdowns and talk some smack. Sounds fun, right?? Who will be triumphant?!?!

Also, we encourage all of our readers to sign up for their own Fafarazzi fantasy team, and join in on the fun... you can post your own scores and smack-talk in the comments. It's totally free to play and the day after the show they email you your score! HOW FUN IS THIS GOING TO BE???!!!

OK, got overexcited there... but seriously, I'm stoked. Make your Fafarazzi Top Chef Fantasy Team NOW!


ps. UPDATE: The rules are up! See them here!


  1. No "Code Red" Challenge this year? Calling all bracketologists....

    I guess Top Chef Fantasy Game will do...

  2. I guess i'm too late to join. Here's a game i'm playing that's still open for those interested.


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