Sunday, March 23, 2008

Charitable Basketcases

by Xani and Erin

Attention readers in Baltimore and the surrounding areas!! There is a very special event happening in Baltimore this Saturday, March 29. It's the annual Maryland Public Interest Law Program (MPILP) Spring Auction, and not only will we be attending, but we will be donating a basket of delicious treats to the silent auction! The basket is still being developed but will look something like this:

(only way better!)

The MPILP auction is held every year to raise money to support law students who spend their summers working in public interest law. Held at Westminster Hall (attached to the Maryland School of Law, and also next to the cemetery where Edgar Allen Poe is buried!), the auction is a notoriously good time (due in part to the open bar, we're sure) for a good cause. There are tons of valuable and unusual items to bid on, many donated by local businesses.

We hope to see some of you there! If you need more information or for tickets, click here for the MPILP website.

Happy Eating,

X & EP

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  1. that picture of the basket looks suspiciously like a harry and david's basket of treats. is that moose munch (or crunch) on the left? can't wait to bid on your basket!


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