Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last (!) LA Post

by Xani

First part of Last LA Post here.

Just moments after we polished off our delicious Pinkberry treats, we stopped into Jin Patisserie, an adorable little sweet shop with an even cuter tea garden outside.

As I write this on a dreary mid-Atlantic November morning, I realize it's probably sunny and warm at Jin's. Wow, that is NOT fair!

Anyway, we stopped into the shop and marveled at the absolutely beautiful little cakes, cookies and candies. I wish I had taken more pictures in the store, but I didn't want to get in trouble or anything (I had just broken the rules by taking secret pictures at Pinkberry, so I didn't want to push my luck!). You see can plenty of pictures of their amazing edible art at

We picked up a box of multi-flavored macarons, which are traditional french pastries made of meringue-like cookies sandwiched together with various fillings (not to be confused with macaroons, the coconut-based Passover treat). Too full to eat them right that minute, we headed back to Ann and Steven's adorable Santa Monica apartment, where Steven brewed up some good strong coffee and we dug in to the macarons.

Great packaging makes a difference...

As does good plating!

Coffee cup included for scale; tiny=cute!

It's been a while now but I believe the flavors included in our little sampler were: lavender, rose, strawberry, caramel, chocolate, pistachio... and two I can't remember. The macarons were very yummy, the flavors were pretty subtle, but they were a delicious afternoon treat to enjoy with coffee and great company!

It seems like only minutes later we were getting back into the bar for a quick dinner (!!!) at 26 Beach before I needed to be at the airport. 26 Beach also has a cute semi-outdoor dining area, although the only picture I snapped is this blurry one of several tiny chandeliers hanging near the front door:

Blurry photo, cute idea

We somehow managed to put even more food into out bodies (just salad for me this time-- I AM NOT A MACHINE!) and have more great chats before it was time to head back to LAX. I had such a great time in LA and I must thank Jenny, Ann and Steven for being such wonderful hosts. Looking forward to my next trip to California!



  1. I found you guys by way of your Uncle de NM, by way of my brother Lakeview and now read you guys all the time, I love your posts and given the time will try all the places you recommend!One question, that is a beignet in the BCD picture right? OMG, I love those things specially from Cafe Du Monde! anyway, great posts!Thank you!

  2. bee,

    So glad you are enjoying the blog! And yes, that is a beignet FROM Cafe Du Monde, and it was delicious! Love that place and hope to go back soon!


  3. You are right cute packaging makes it all more fun. Those cookies are the cutest!

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