Monday, October 8, 2007

Before I Forget...

by Xani

I know its been a while since I posted about my trip to San Francisco, where I promised you a recap of my last fabulous meal there. Forgive me! I had hoped to get the additional post done right away, but alas, travel and life in general got in the way. Before I move on to a recap of my meals in Puerto Rico and some recent home-cooking, let us remember back to a few weeks ago, on the final morning of my trip to SF...

A few hours before we were scheduled to depart, we walked back to the Ferry Market Building to have breakfast at Boulette's Larder. This place is ADORABLE. A tiny little shop were San Franciscans can pick up pantry staples, gourmet and specialty items, homemade sweets, or a delicious breakfast or lunch. If I lived anywhere near this place I would buy all kinds of stuff from this place... and store it all in the cardboard box in which I would be living.

On the drizzly morning in question, we stepped into Boulette's and I was instantly tempted to sit at the communal table in the store, next to the fireplace and open kitchen where we could watch the cooks whip up delicious dishes for the day. However, there were a few diners already seated there, quietly having breakfast and reading the paper; knowing myself and my dining companions, we needed someplace where we could make a little more noise! We chose a table just outside with a view of the Bay Bridge (through the fog) and ordered coffee (served in a french press, my favorite) and fresh squeezed OJ from our friendly waiter.

Not wanting to fill up on heavy food before a long plane ride, we skipped the delicious sounding egg dishes and ordered two baskets of assorted toasted artisan breads, and a bowl of fresh berries with rose petal gelee.

I was totally smitten with this breakfast-- the breads were interesting (one had cranberries, one was chock-full of sunflower seeds, another had walnuts, etc) and perfectly toasted, just right with a smear of rich butter and some of the marmalade that came with the baskets. Ripe, tart berries would have been great on their own, but the rose petal gelee on top was out of this world. I have never tasted anything like it! It had a soft, melting texture, and the strong (but not overpowering) scent and flavor of roses. Absolutely amazing... I thought of it again at my recent weekend trip to Wegmans when I saw the little bottles of rose water in the Middle Eastern foods section (of course I bought one, how could I resist?!).

We talked, sipped coffee and nibbled breads for as long as possible... I know we were in California but to me it felt very European-- a leisurely breakfast with friends on a weekday. When we finally had to leave, we said goodbye to the Ferry Market Building and San Francisco, our bellies full of great food and our minds full of fond memories. I hope to return soon!



  1. Mmmm roses...delicious. And no thorns! Sounds like a lovely last meal in SF - I will definitely go there next time I'm there!

  2. that is ABSOLUTELY one of the things I like most about Europe - taking time to actually enjoy things and not feeling rushed out of service businesses like restaurants. This place sounds lovely.

  3. That sounds like the perfect breakfast for me. Why don't more places do it?


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