Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Foodie Blogroll!

EP and I are happy to report we have joined the Foodie Blogroll (which you can see on the sidebar, left)! It's a great way to find more great food blogs and to (hopefully) get even more people reading Black Coffee and a Donut! Enjoy!


P.S. I'm heading to the beach (!!) tomorrow and not sure how internet access is "down-y O-shun" but I will do my best to fill you all in on the delicious beach eats!

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  1. Love the blog! I found you on the foodie blogroll, and your link has been summarily added to my blog!

    *drool* on the sorbetti/gelato pics. Crema is probably my favorite, followed very closely by fresh fig sorbetti.

    I'm completely jealous that you have such a great farmers market. Our farmers market is tiny (about 10 vendors.) Everyone seems to sell the same exact things that I can pick in my own garden, with the exception of the Amish lady's pies and fudge assortment. Sometimes there are fresh eggs; sometimes not. There is usually never anything exotic there, which is a shame.

    I love the blog... I'll be reading often!


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