Saturday, July 28, 2007

Glad to Have Gotten Crabs

by Erin

This week, I FINALLY was able to enjoy my first crabfeast of the summer at Bo Brooks, a restaurant in Canton. We went for our Mentor-Mentee dinner for work as one of our many farewell events - they're so good to us!

We started off the meal with some appetizers, which were quite good. We got a bunch since we were a large party. We got crab dip, buffalo wings, onion rings, calamari, and coconut shrimp (although I don't think we actually ordered the shrimp - this was the first hint that our waitress was insane).

Crab Dip

Buffalo Wings (Patrick put ketchup on them as you can see - blasphemy!)

The onion rings were especially good - super crunchy with yummy sweet onions on the inside, and they were served with a horseradish sauce - delicious!

Then it was time to order the main dishes. While some folks followed directions and actually ordered crabs, others "couldn't" because of allergies - lame! So, they got salad, which I hear was good.

We got a couple dozen large crabs, which interestingly are not large at all. "Large" is essentially a "small" in crab-speak. I think the order is: medium, large, extra large, jumbo, and colossal. So, the larges were a bit of work but they were worth it.

Now, I could go into the whole thing about how to eat crabs, but this site does an okay job of it, although I would disagree about eating the "yellow" of the crabs - it's delicious! Go ahead and eat it! Yeah, it's a little weird but that's sort of the BCD way, as we've discussed before.

And then there's the most notorious part of crab-eating: THE MESS. This is why I like eating crabs in restaurants.

Just as I was finishing off my third or fourth crab, the whole restaurant started singing "Happy Birthday" to me and one of the AUSA's at work, Solette (both of our birthdays are this weekend, and mine is TODAY!) and they brought us pieces of cake! It was pretty good cake, and my friends helped me out a bit.

After dinner, we cleaned up and started the photoshoot, as it was one of our last nights all together. I'm gonna miss all the law clerks and the great attorneys that have given us such a great summer!

Happy eating,



  1. Here's something ironic - I have not yet enjoyed my first crab feast of the summer (I had a few crabs in OC, but I only had four - hardly a "feast"). My first true crab feast, featuring Chesapeake-style steamed blues, is going to be in Redlands, CA, two weekends from now. I'm visiting a buddy from Richmond who misses the things as much as I did when I lived out there. True, it's tough to find Maryland blue crabs in California (try Thailand - they're blue crabs, but they're not Chesapeake). But it's still as close as most of my friends in SoCal ever come.

    I remember a few years ago I went to a conference in Philly with lots of my friends from Cali. I dragged them to an authentic crab house. They bragged about how they use TEXAS blue crabs - they're bigger and meatier! Yeah, but they're also relatively flavorless compared to what we all got here. And did the Phillyites use Old Bay? I don't remember. Those were some relatively unmemorable crabs. I do remember my one buddy, born and bred in Bakersfield, CA, was a quick student of mine in crab pickin'. That part was memorable :)

  2. I was just thinking of MD crabs, how funny. It's one of my favorite memories from childhood. Though now as an adult I'd replace the soda with beer.

  3. Yes indeedy. You have sent us all down memory lane with those feast photos. It looks like you all had a grand time. Happy Belated!


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